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by Rick Riordan

PART 12, 3456, 7

As of this moment,’ Sadie growled, ‘my brother’s name is Punching Bag. Seems he hasn’t been telling me everything.’
— Sadie kane, The Staff of Serapis, Rick Riordan (via lovebookquotes)
‘Alpha, beta, gamma!’ Sadie cried. ‘Gyros, spanakopita. Presto!’ She beamed in triumph. ‘There. You’re done for!’
— Sadie kane, The Staff of Serapis, Rick Riordan (via lovebookquotes)


She finished her chant, and the scroll’s flames sputtered out. My hand unclenched. She papyrus dropped into my lap.

"God, thank you," I said.

"Goddess," Bast corrected.

Bast is having none of being lumped in with the dudes.


"We Speak with one voice… especially on this matter. No one harms Sadie Kane”

— Anubis/Walt StoneThe Serpent’s Shadow

The sweetest line ever! Sheet! The feels… waaahhh… >///<

(rereading TSS)

  • Bes: Sadie wanted a souvenir. I brought her Lenin's head.
  • Set: Bes, how evil! There's hope for you yet.
  • Bes: Not his real head. It's chocolate.
  • Set: Oh ... shame.
  • Cleo: You're alive!
  • Sadie: Don't sound so surprised.
  • Cleo: Sorry.
[Fatal mistake, Carter. Giving me the microphone at the most important part? You’ll never get it back now. The end of the story is mine. Ha-ha-ha!]
Oh, that felt good. I’d be excellent at world domination.
But I degress.
— Sadie Kane ~ The Throne of Fire (via disneyfangirl4evr)
No one is like me. My amazingness is unique.
— Sadie Kane, The Staff of Serapis, Rick Riordan (via lovebookquotes)
  • Carter: Sadie no
  • Sadie: Sadie yes